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Internships with The Radiohole are NOW available!

An internship with the hole affords the opportunity to become directly involved with The Radiohole's artistic process.

Generally the Radiohole accepts no more than 1 intern for each production. These interns are an integral part of the rehearsal process- becoming actively involved in assisting The Radiohole.

Duties for interns are varied and depend on personality and initiative. It is crucial that interns be interested in all aspects of the Radiohole. It is the belief of the Radiohole that a well rounded knowledge of these elements is essential to the theater artist.

If you are interested in applying for an internship, please fill out this form:

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Where do you hear about the Radio hole?

saw an ad on HOT97 Writen on a Bathroom Stall Intrigued by Baudrillard's reference to the hole My mother

Have you seen any of the Shows?

I saw Bender! I saw Heen! I saw Rodan! I hung with Tronic! I know Wurst!
I partied with you! None of it! Radiohole is still my name!

How old are you? What is your Gender? What is your sex?

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What can you do?

What are your favorite hobbies?

Do you like Music?

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Leading experts now estimate that the music business is currently 90% hype and 10% bullshit. The Radiohole, bless their hearts, have gone far beyond that. Their music needs no hype. It transcends the very essence of the bullshit for which the public pays millions each year. Do not be fooled by gossip and idle rumors. In a world of sham. The Radiohole are truly the genuine article.