Maria Baranova Photography

The Performing Garage, NYC, February 2016
Mass Live Arts, Great Barrington, MA, July 2015
LMCC Project Space, NYC, September 2014

Created by Radiohole from a script by Jason Grote.

Performed by Radiohole with Amanda Bender, Ryan Holsopple and special guests.

A comic book comes alive on the stage: Tarzana is a collaboration with award-winning playwright and screenwriter Jason Grote (Mad Men) who was commissioned by Radiohole to write text for the work. Influenced by film-makers such as Alejandro Jodorowsky and David Lynch and the New York Punk scene of the 1970s and early 80's, Tarzana unfolds in a hand-drawn landscape following the misadventures of a guilt-ridden Superman, Two Non Blondes and architect of the Terror, Robespierre. What comes to pass is surreal mayhem in true Radiohole tradition: an uproarious, bacchanalian, beautiful mess. Be warned: there will be karaoke. And blood.