ANGER/NATION explores the contradictory puritanical and hedonistic underpinnings of the American psyche by colliding the psychedelic aesthetic of occult filmmaker Kenneth Anger with the histrionic escapades of the self-proclaimed "America's Loving Home Defender," Carrie A. Nation -- a remarkable 19th century, hatchet-wielding temperance crusader. Using miniature floating video monitors, post-it notes, licorice, and a healthy dose of fairy dust, Radiohole conjures a "pleasuredome" populated by an unpredictable mˇlange of questionable characters ranging from random Roman centurions to male cherubs that force Carrie A. Nation to wield her hatchet against sin and degradation -- only to then find herself in the grips of a voluptuous spiritual transformation of her own.

The Kitchen
September 2008

The Noorderzon Festival
August 2008

Donau Festival
April/May 2008

Radiohole Radiohole Radiohole Radiohole

The New York Times, By JASON ZINOMAN
Moral Righteousness Meets Down and Dirty
"It's a stunning stage image, like something out of a Robert Wilson production, translating nature into sleek technology."

The Gothamist, John Del Signore
Opinionist: Radiohole's Anger/Nation
"If you drop acid at just one Off Broadway show this year, make it this one."

The Brooklyn Rail, Alexis Clements
Hooch & Hatchetation Radiohole takes on the Nation
"Carrie A. Nation is all color and personality. And yes, itÕs on purpose that her name reads like a righteous phrase, she trademarked it."

PaperMag, By Tom Murrin
"Radiohole always seems to go further to do something on stage that you wonÕt see anywhere else."

TimeOut NY, David Cote
"As at most Radiohole events, audience members are there to witness a cryptic but well-crafted machine in action. Gender roles, mortality and the monotony of erotic obsession are explored amid a barrage of light and sound effects. WhatÕs new is the scale and complexity of the set, which is truly baroque."