Fluke (The Solemn Mysteries of the Ancient Order of the Deep) or Dick Dick Dick

The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday

Of course it's impossible to contain the ocean in one show, but Radiohole comes very near to doing just that!

Created with PEEK-A-BOOª technology, Fluke is the strangest tale ever conceived by man. Out-leaping the maddest imaginings, out-thrilling the wildest thrills, Radiohole sounds the depths revealing the Myriad Mysteries and ushering in the Oceanic Times.

Ignored for many years after their first show, Radiohole is now recognized as one of the most esteemed performance companies in the American theatre.

On The Boards, Seattle
January 2008

Brut Theater Vienna, Austria
April/May 2008

Tou Scene Stavanger, Norway
October 2008

BIT Teatergarasjen Bergen, Norway
October 2008

The Collapsable Hole Brooklyn NY
October 2007

PSK Festival Copenhagen
November 2007

April & May 2006

The Drama Review
Luber, Steve.
Dicking Around with Radiohole:
Toward Hyperreal Performance and Criticism

The New York Times, Jason Zinoman
A Psychedelic Boat Trip Down a Sea of Ambiguity
"Listen closely and you'll hear the gurgling sound of the deep"

Village Voice, John Beer
Rocking the Boat - Radiohole's whale of a show
"Like the Pixies, Radiohole know how to play soft and how to play loud. "

TimeOut NY, David Cote
Submerging artists
"The leading innovator in New YorkÕs third wave of avant-garde theater. "

Brooklyn Rail, Jason Grote
"Radiohole brings an energy and irreverence to their work that theater desperately needs. "

Offoffonline, Frank Episale
Sound Designed
"a welcome shot of adrenaline "

NYTheatre, Ross Peabody
FLUKE Page 1 FLUKE Page 2

TimeOut NY, David Cote
"As with most of Radiohole's technically brilliant if hermetic works, it's the ingenious stagecraft that haunts you."

Popular Science Magazine, DIY Project By Radiohole (Eric Dyer and Maggie Hoffman) March 16, 2009 Liquid Lamps